Ferrari Formula One Action

“Formula One isn’t working”, stated Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo who is discontent with the way Formula One organizers FIA (Federation International d’Automobile) have shaped things for the sport in recent times. Showing his displeasure, the Ferrari chairman gave out signals that the iconic Italian automaker might leave Formula One and could pursue another sports-car competition instead, most favourably the 24 Hours Le Mans endurance race.

Incidentally, the statement comes at a time when ace Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso waved the tricolore flag to start the 24 Hours of Le Mans race this year. Montezemolo believes that FIA has lost sight of what Formula One is about. The displeasure comes after the changes in F1 rules and regulations made by FIA for 2014 have been frustrating for Ferrari. The chairman stated that people watch the racing for excitement and not for the efficiency. No one wants to watch a driver save on gas or tyres, instead want to see them push from here to there.

FIA’s new regulations make Formula One more greener and environment friendly, while also reducing costs for the teams with restrictions on the number of engines, tyres and other technical resources. FIA introduced the new 1.6-liter turbo hybrid V6 engines, which are quieter and less polluting, replacing the V8 ones. What has also got to Ferrari is the fact that the FIA rules forbid engine development during the season; a rule that has left Ferrari in third place in the standings.

Montezemolo also said that “It’s a sport, yes, but also a show” conveying that the new restrictions do not allow drivers and the cars to achieve their full capacity of performance. Ferrari has been a part of Formula One, ever since the inception in 1950 and was also competing in endurance races such as 24 Hours of Le Mans till 1972. However, Enzo Ferrari then left endurance races to concentrate on F1 and has been exclusively associated with the sport.

Montezemolo stated that while no decision has been made yet about leaving Formula One, he did indicate that Ferrari could pursue endurance racing as early as 2020, while also ruling out if the Italian automaker would participate in both the sports. Since the beginning of this season, Ferrari has been trailing behind Mercedes led by Nico Rosberg, followed by Red Bull. Even Ferrari’s ace driver Fernando Alonso is at fourth position in the drivers’ standings.

This is not the first time Ferrari has threatened to pull out of Formula One to compete in Le Mans. Rumours were afloat in 2009 as well when Montezemolo waved the flag in France at Le Mans. Ferrari has won 15 F1 drivers’ titles and 16 constructors’ championships as well as 221 Grand Prix victories and has been an important part of the Grand Prix grid for over half a century.

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