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The strong shoulder lines run all the way from the front to the rear

It was quite an experience driving this machine and its design has stood the test of time. That, has granted it more recognition in terms of form but over time, the car seems to have lost its functional side. The car genuinely needs a refresh and this feeling is quite prominent. Nothing about this car makes sense, the ergonomics are off, the performance isn’t exactly mind-blowing, and such fuel efficiency figures, don’t even get me started on the practicality. Due to all of these factors, this car feels less like a hit and more like a miss in 2018. Still, the Linea 125S isn’t a bad car as such and the only thing that makes it worse is the fact that the competition has gotten just that good.

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The Linea needs a very major update now

What’s Cool

* Lovely design has aged well over the years
* Ride quality is splendid, suspension does a good job on bad roads
* Ample power coupled with gradual power delivery makes it well-suited to open roads

What’s Not So Cool

* Steering wheel is too hard, gets tiring in city driving
* Notchy gearbox is a huge letdown
* Though not an outright performer, this motor is still a fuel guzzler
* Lack of dealers and service centres

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The Linea 125S is tempting as hell but probably won’t appeal to the head!

Testers’ Note:

“The Fiat Linea 125S might be old now but that’s actually its USP because it offers the old school charm of a turbocharger that has the silence before the storm and a hydraulic steering which offers a ton of feel. Yes, it does lack a lot of features and feels dated in front of modern rivals but give this car the beans and you know there is something special about this motor, they should have given it the higher state of tune though!” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.
“I find the Fiat Linea to be extremely outdated now plus the interiors aren’t all that modern too. The only strong point of this sedan is the comfort while the engine is also a very good performer. However, it doesn’t excel in other areas like looks, features, etc. I guess it’s high time Fiat replaces the Linea with something newer.” – Parth Gohil, Associate Editor, MotorBeam.
“My stint with the Linea was for a short time but it was probably the best. It was the first sedan that I had for a long term and driving it was epic fun! I say this only because of its driving dynamics and comfort even after being the longest car in the segment. People say that the increase in ground clearance has affected the dynamics but I’ll say it makes it better for the Mumbai roads. The mad engine was my most favourite part about the Linea but the single digit fuel efficiency wasn’t.” – Dhanil Vira, Road Tester, MotorBeam.

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