CARS24 Carculator

CARS24 Carculator

We have often heard from people that they had a hard time selling their car because dealers would quote ridiculous amounts and short change customers, but things are changing and at the core of this change is CARS24 with its technology innovation for making sure you don’t feel cheated anymore.

CARS24 has launched Carculator, a one of a kind pricing tool that lets users determine the correct price that they should be getting for their cars in the market. The used car market in India is an unorganised sector and there are a lot of unscrupulous dealers who quote insanely low figures to people who wish to sell their cars. This is where CARCULATOR comes in, a simple, easy and timesaving tool to know the right price of your car.

Carculator lets a user enter all the details about his car, which includes make, model, year, variant, registration state, kms & number of owners and gives an accurate value of their car in the market. Of course, when the value is revealed, Carculator shows a proper price range where the lower amount is valid if the car is in average condition while the highest amount is valid if it’s in excellent condition.

Let us take an example – A customer wants to sell his Fiat Linea MJD which is a 6-year-old car and has covered 60,000 kms. The customer would then go to Carculator, fill in all the details about the car and get a range which shows him how much he should expect while selling the car. The Carculator shows a range of Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 2,40,000 and it also states that it depends on the condition of the vehicle.

Now we’re sure you will ask how and why is the Carculator so accurate with used car prices. Well there are a lot of reasons for that; firstly, the pricing algorithm takes into account more than 1.5 lakh actual transactions that have taken place at CARS24. Secondly, it considers hundreds of attributes of the vehicle. The price that reflects on the screen is based on real-time market conditions. Which simply means –if you have a car which has good demand in the used car market, you’ll end up getting a better price when compared to others in the same segment.

So if you are looking to find out what is the actual price of your car, CARCULATOR is your one stop solution for all car pricing woes.

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