Tata Motors is pleased to announce that it has completed the process to select the first 100,000 owners of the Tata Nano from among the 2,06,703 final list of applicants who had booked the car. As announced at the launch on March 23, the first 100,000 owners were selected through a computerised random selection process. The company had said that the process would be completed within 60 days of the closure of booking on 25th April.

The booking process had also given the option to applicants to indicate whether they would like to retain their booking amounts with the company, even if they do not get selected among the first 100,000 allottees, and await delivery of their cars after them. 67% (137,867) applicants had chosen this option, from which a further 55,021 retainees have been made allotments. The booking amounts of the unsuccessful applicants, who had not exercised this option, are being returned.

The company will be individually informing all applicants about their status of being an allottee, retainee or an unsuccessful applicant. The details have been uploaded on www.tatanano.com . Applicants need to log on with their booking application number to know their status or contact the company appointed call centre (020 66495678).

Deliveries will begin from July 2009 and the first 100,000 deliveries are expected to be completed by the last quarter of 2010. All efforts will be made to deliver earlier, by ramping up production at the already operational Pantnagar plant and the fast upcoming Sanand plant. The successful allottees will also be sent discount vouchers of Titan and Westside valid at their outlets across India.