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Tata Nano – Most ambitious product for Mr. Ratan Tata. It is India’s most innovative car, in terms of design and engineering. Despite of ups and downs in people’s response, Mr. Ratan Tata’s believed in it and continued to evolve the product further. So, come 2012, we saw Nano 2012 – a refreshed version and diesel variant is to be launched soon. And adding value to the Most Value for money car, at 2012 Auto Expo, Tata showcased Nano CNG and Tata Pixel concept.

Tata Pixel – defines how beautiful and appealing a future version of Nano would be. It is just over three meters in length and still can pack in 4 people. It replicates a skeleton of Nano. But amount of design development it has undergone is phenomenon. It gets glass at almost all upper part just to increase all around visibility. The roof also goes panoramic so that you can enjoy the nature, which it will try to save. Almost next to nothing overhangs makes it very easy and hassle free to drive. LEDs all over, which suits the role of energy efficient, smart city car. Front and rear bumper will get a design boasting its name pixel surrounded by backlit pixel forms.

Being efficient and clean is becoming mandatory for the future and it is being reflected in every concept car under development. Pixel houses at its rear end the1.2 liter, 3 cylinder engine with turbo. The engine is a low-friction design, featuring variable coolant and oil pump and rapid warm-up technologies. The engine is developed such that it returns 30kmpl. This figure may not appear so impressive and ready for far future, but it is perfect for near future. We can’t negate the probability of Pixel going hybrid or all electric as well.

Key point of achievement for Tata is Zero Turn toroidal traction-drive Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), which assists rotation of the outer rear wheel forwards and the inner rear wheel backwards, while the front wheels turn at acute angles. This concept can be better understood in video on YouTube. It results in a turning circle radius of just 2.6 meter!! Imagine parking in tightest spot at one go. Carbon footprint of Pixel is limited to 89gm/km.

Tata also showcasing groundbreaking technology based highest connectivity between you and your very own Pixel. Tata will provide a tablet like device which will have control over all vehicle functions like Climate settings, Entertainment, Navigation, Phone calls and ways to go social. It can open the doors at tap on the screen. The doors will open vertically upwards – Tata calls it as Scissor Doors. When you enter the vehicle you just have to dock in your device at the central console and you are the master of the machine. All these facts make Pixel a perfect city car for future.

At this year’s Tata Motors stall Pixel looked more promising and realistic. But initially it is being developed for European markets only. It will see the Indian grounds also soon after that.

Tata Nano CNG – While looking at the future, present should also be secured. This is well understood by Tata Nano and since Pixel still a concept, the diesel variant being delayed for some more days, a CNG version of Nano comes into reality @ AutoEXPO’11. The cheapest car available in India (provided RE60 as a four wheeler not a car☺) is getting tweaks in specs now and then to get sales going. Nano, returning 25kmpl on petrol, when it will go on CNG will turn many wannabe car owners towards Tata showrooms. Nano had edge had over the other petrol cars for being value for money, and that edge now has re-sharpened with CNG kicking in.

So, Tata Motor’s efforts towards Nano looks prominent and they won’t allow it go out of people’s mind. Until Pixel arrives we will be having Nano Diesel soon and until diesel arrives we have better CNG Nano with us.

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