2012 Tata Nano Facelift

The world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano after having a really memorable journey in the Indian auto market is now headed to Bangladesh. The Tata Nano will be reaching the country next month which was confirmed by the Tata’s Bangladeshi distributor, Nitol Group. The Chairman of Nitol group, Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmed said that the first fleet of the Nano vehicles will be arriving in the country in the month of February. The Bangladeshi dealership of Tata Motors has struck a deal with the company to import 2000 Nano cars per year for the Bangladeshi market. The Tata Nano will be sold in the Bangladeshi market for Tk 6,50,000.

In India the Tata Nano was launched in march 2009 for a retail price Rs. 1,36,000. After the stint in India when the demand of the world’s cheapest car when through ups and downs, the company decided to export the vehicle to capture the foreign markets. Currently the car sells in countries like South Africa and Sri Lanka. According to the company, the car has been a doing good volumes in these countries. Mr. P.M Telang, Managing Director of Tata Motors India limited commented that the company is planning to export the Nano to other countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar in the near future after Bangladesh.

The Nitol Group chairman said he has a plan to boost the annual sales of Nano in the Bangladesh market from 2,000 units to 12,000 units within the next four years. Tata Motors is also contemplating on setting up an assembly plant in the country depending on the demand. However, Mr. Ahmed said that they are positive that the car will be ver popular in the country since the car is extremely fuel efficient. Setting up an assembly plant in the country will also bring the prices down.

2012 Tata Nano Dashboard