Ford Mustang was recently sold out for the first batch (100 units were allotted to India) just a month after its launch in India. The classic American machine’s entry into the market boosted Ford’s sales gigantically.

2016 Ford Mustang India Launch
The Mustang was launched in India in the month of July

The car that rhymes with panache, brute and of course, pony. This beast of a machine has been a major part of the American car folklore and has attracted millions worldwide with its elegance and performance. It is often dubbed as the stallion from Ford’s stable, keeping in mind its vast success and rich history. And now, the Indian market has truly witnessed the launch of the iconic Ford Mustang with a right-hand drive.

You can spot a Ford Mustang with the tiniest of hints you see on road. Staying true to its ‘pony’ name, the car sports the legendary long bonnet with retro-styled 3-bar tail lamps. The Mustang logo is firm frontally, and few of its monikers can be spotted elsewhere on the car too. The innovations associating this vehicle include improved aerodynamics, a lower stance and an availability in 6 colours. Ford, being a staunch believer in its Mustang branding, has kept its logo out of the car’s look.

The interiors don’t let you down, by any means. Everything is crisp, stylish and precisely placed. A classic yet sporty wheel greets you with a logo representing the machine that you are about to take for a spin. Comfortable riding positions, executive class leather upholstery along with finely crafted aluminium dials make up the inside. The rear seats have limited space to offer and are best suited for kids.

For the mechanical package under the hood, the India spec Ford Mustang comes with the people’s choice naturally aspirated engine. It is a whopping 5.0-litre V8 that produces a power output of 395 HP and peak torque of 515 Nm. This American muscle car is known for its quick bursts of pace and endearing long straights with much ease. It comes with plenty of drive modes to rev the engine hard and make the ride enlivening.

At a price point of Rs. 65 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi), you tend to get a Mercedes E-Class or a BMW 5-Series or even a Porsche Cayman. But when you want to go flat out oomph on a muscle car at this price, it must definitely be a steal. After all the hanging fire, we are not too surprised to see the car sell like hot cakes, do we?

Ford Mustang India Sales

– The American muscle car has garnered much attention after its recent launch
– The pony sports the classic Mustang look on the outside
– It is opulent on the inside too with latest features
– It is powered by a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8, staying true to its heritage
– At a price of Rs. 65 lakhs, it had customers flocking the Ford showrooms

Ford Mustang GT Interiors
It has neat, precise interiors with a bit of classic styling
Ford Mustang GT Engine
The naturally aspirated V8 produces the familiar Mustang growl
Ford Mustang GT Front
It is available in 6 vibrant colour coats in India