The extreme off-road version features a lift kit and tons of other modifications.

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The show stopper at Force Motors’ stall was the mammoth Gurkha featuring massive wheels and complex suspension. Dubbed as the Gurkha ‘Customized’, this off-road-focused beast is a machine you cannot take lightly.

What sets this model apart from virtually everything on road is the sheer presence. It is underpinned by massive wheels and raised suspension meaning it towers over every car on the road. Force Motors has done an amazing job at kitting out this model. The suspension looks great between the wheel arches. The ladders, nets, fat tyres, jerry cans, roof-mounted lights, a snorkel and a large storage carrier with a spare wheel atop gives this SUV tremendous snob value.

We could not see all of the interiors but it does not seem too different from the standard Gurkha. Unlike the six-seater standard model, this one is able to seat only four, all front-facing. Air conditioning and touch screen infotainment may have been on offer.

The Gurkha Customization is based on the same body-on-frame construction and comes with the same Mercedes sourced 2.6-litre turbo diesel motor good for 90 BHP. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. Naturally, differential locks and low-range gearbox are provided.

There is no word if Force Motors will launch the Gurkha Customized, but with such extreme hardware, reliable power plant and mighty presence, it could find popularity amongst the hardcore off-roaders. We will have to wait and watch.