Force Gurkha Pickup Truck Spotted

Force Gurkha pickup truck spotted testing in single cab version

Force Gurkha pickup truck has been recently spotted, marking an intriguing move by Force Motors into a niche market. While major pickup manufacturers such as Toyota, Isuzu and upcoming Mahindra primarily focus on broader commercial applications, Force Gurkha Pickup single cab seems to be targeting the Overlanding niche, a segment that has been relatively underserved.

The vehicle, captured in striking red, appears to be a blend of components from various Force Motors models. It features the face of a Gurkha, lending it an off-road prowess reminiscent of the Gurkha lineup. Notably, it boasts similar fascia, including a snorkel and grille for the windshield, as well as 18-inch alloys.

However, one noticeable difference is the commercial application flatbed load bay, which seems shorter in height compared to previous iterations. It is hoped that Force Motors will refine this aspect to offer a more streamlined load bay, akin to what is seen in the 5-Door Gurkha Pickup.

Powering the Gurkha Pickup single cab is the familiar 2.6-litre diesel engine generating 95 BHP and 250 Nm of torque, paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Force Motors’ move into niche segments reflects a strategic shift amid its efforts to establish a stronger presence in the mainstream passenger vehicle market. While the company continues to navigate challenges with its 3-Door Gurkha, the imminent launch of the 5-Door Gurkha suggests potential for growth.

In India, there is a growing demand for lifestyle adventure vehicles, yet the Overlanding niche remains largely untapped by major manufacturers. With features such as 4X4 transfer case, front and rear mechanical locking differentials and G-Class inspired lighting elements, the Force Gurkha pickup has the potential to resonate with enthusiasts seeking rugged yet versatile vehicles for off-road expeditions.

However, some enthusiasts have expressed reservations regarding the load bay design. Pricing will also play a crucial role in determining the vehicle’s market reception, with hopes that Force Motors will position it competitively, potentially around Rs. 10 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Force Gurkha Pickup Truck Spied