2011 Force Motors SUV

Force Motors has delayed its upcoming SUV for quite some time now. The company wants to get it right and does not mind the delay. The upcoming SUV from the company closely resembles the Guangdong Foday Explorer III (a famous SUV in China). However the chassis has been tweaked by Lotus and the engine, gearbox and the axles have been borrowed from Daimler. Mercedes-Benz Technologies has been responsible for putting the vehicle dynamics in place. The SUV will be powered by the same engine that does duty in the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Thus the vehicle will produce 140hp of power and 300-320Nm of torque from its 2143cc motor. With a capacity to seat seven and a price of around Rs. 12 lakhs, Force Motors has a competent product on their hand. Now will it displace the Mahindra Scorpio? That is something we will have to wait till August to find out.

2011 Force Motors SUV India

Source – Anything On Wheels