Ford Aspire Facelift Review
The Ford Aspire is the best compact sedan in the market today

Ford Aspire Facelift Long Term Review

With feature-equipped interiors and a punchy diesel engine, the Aspire is a compact sedan for enthusiasts

Cars are becoming commodities, at least that seems to be what the sales figures are suggesting. I know it’s a strong statement to make but unfortunately, this is a fact we enthusiasts can’t ignore. Because when you have such a good car like the Ford Aspire, how is it not selling in the numbers it deserves? What really has gone wrong or is there a gripe with the product? To find out, I decided to live with the Aspire on a longer term.

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Ford has updated the Aspire time after time

I drove the pre-facelift Figo as well as the Aspire quite a lot and while I always loved the driving feel of the cars, there were some negatives too. The old car was mechanically perfect but lacked some equipment but Ford has gone ahead and given it everything and more, the only missing feature is passive entry, rest the Aspire has it all.

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The facelifted Aspire is feature-loaded to the brim

Right from a push button for the engine start/stop to a fantastic infotainment screen which has a crisp readout and makes parking so easy thanks to the nice reverse camera, the Aspire is loaded and how. The seats are comfortable, there is decent space at the rear and the boot will swallow your luggage with ease. Still, want more? There are automatic headlights, automatic wipers, auto-dimming inside rearview mirror, basically, Ford has just made driving a compact sedan super easy.