Ford EcoSport AccessoriesFord EcoSport Dealership Rush

The Ford EcoSport has come and conquered the market already. While deliveries are yet to start in full swing, Ford will soon announce the number of bookings it has received and we estimate it to be more than 20,000 units. According to Ford dealers, the company has told them to stop taking bookings of the vehicle. Even though it’s more than a week since the EcoSport was launched, dealerships are no less than a fish market with so many people coming to checkout the car and booking it.

Ford has done some cost cutting on the EcoSport like not offering the top-end Titanium (O) variant with a rear seat arm rest, engine guard, etc. The lack of some of this equipment is pardonable as the American company has priced the EcoSport very aggressively. However you can still get these features from the dealership. Ford is offering a range of accessories for the EcoSport (list and price details mentioned in the picture below, open picture for bigger view).

Some of these accessories are a must, like the spare wheel cover which will prevent the wheel from becoming impossible to clean in the monsoons. The spare wheel cover might take away the visual appeal at the rear but it’s a feature which we feel is needed. However the spare wheel cover doesn’t come cheap, priced at Rs. 11,962/-. The engine guard is also advisable but costs quite a bit at Rs. 7188/-. If you are the kind who takes to the rear bench often, the rear seat arm rest can be installed at a cost of Rs. 1759/-. The side running board might be frequently purchased but costs a whooping Rs. 28,682/- and we found it to be a bit flimsy. It can’t be installed on the Titanium (O) variant as it interferes with the side airbag sensor.

There are many accessories which will help buyers upgrade their base variants with many essential features found only on the top variants. However the prices seem to be on the higher side. The 15-inch alloy wheel kit costs Rs. 28,815/- (Titanium variants of the EcoSport come with 16-inch alloy wheels as standard). The rear view camera with display costs Rs. 18,214/- while the front fog lamp kit costs Rs. 7500/-. All variants come with an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity as standard so no audio related accessories are on offer. So what accessories will you buy from the dealer? Do you think the prices are on the higher side?

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