Ford has cut prices of the EcoSport compact SUV very drastically and with immediate effect. Is it feeling the heat from the newly-launched Maruti Vitara Brezza?

2016 Ford EcoSport Test Drive Review
The EcoSport received a mid-life update in end-2015

Maruti Suzuki launched the Vitara Brezza a couple of days back and the compact SUV came across as a very competitively-priced one. The Vitara Brezza got excellent response and it even crossed 5600 bookings in a matter of two days. With such aggressive pricing, competition was bound to take notice and now Ford is the first one who seems to have felt the heat.

Prices of the very popular Ford EcoSport have now dropped by as much as Rs. 1.12 lakhs for certain variants. The new pricing will be applicable with immediate effect. Earlier there was a difference of almost Rs. 1.40 lakhs between the prices of the Vitara Brezza and the EcoSport, with the latter being pricier, but now the difference has reduced to a mere Rs. 29,800/-.

The Ford EcoSport has been reigning the compact SUV segment since a long time and it is very popular due to the overall package that it is offered with. It comes with a choice of both petrol as well as diesel engines. The vehicle was launched in 2013 while it received a mid-life update in late-2015. The next generation of the vehicle is set to hit the markets only in 2017.

Competition in the compact SUV segment is increasing and a lot of manufacturers are trying their best to capture a major share of the segment. Maruti hit the sweet spot with the Vitara Brezza’s pricing but now Ford has acted swiftly and reduced the EcoSport’s price by a huge margin. Now it remains to be seen which one of these rules the market and the battle is going to be very interesting.

Ford EcoSport Prices Cut

– Ford has reduced the prices of the EcoSport by upto Rs. 1.12 lakhs with immediate effect
– This has been done to counter the Maruti Vitara Brezza’s aggressive pricing
– The EcoSport is available in both petrol and diesel engines
– The price reduction will also help the EcoSport evade the ‘luxury tax’ on cars costing Rs. 10 lakhs plus

2016 Ford EcoSport Prices
The pricing has been cut by a very significant amount across all variants