Ford Endeavour Features
The list noting deletion of features

Ford has deleted some notable features offered on its Endeavour SUV like active noise cancellation, rear seat heater, among others.

Starting this month none of the variants will come equipped with active noise cancellation feature.

The Titanium+ and Sport variants will lose the AUX heater for the second row occupants, while the 4×2 Titanium trim will not sport the steel scuff plate at the front, while it will also come with only 8 speakers instead of the earlier 10.

Further, the 4×2 variants will now get the single-tone alloy wheels like earlier. Models with VIN after MAJAXXMRWALT00001 have lost these features.

It is not known if the automaker will reduce the price of the SUV (or not) considering it has reduced the features on offer.

Further, it is a strange move, since more and more models, like the MG Gloster in its class, are offering plentiful features these days.

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Ford Endeavour Features

  • The Ford Endeavour loses some features
  • They include active noise cancellation, reduction in number speakers, etc
  • These changes will be made on models sold from this month
Ford Endeavour Features Deletion
It is not known if the price of the SUV will be reduced with deletion of these features
Ford Endeavour Alloys
Ford has reverted back to the earlier alloy wheel design too

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