Ford Fiesta 1.6S.jpg
We drove the new Fiesta 1.6S for a short distance, and we are really impressed. Ford have done a fantastic job by making the boring look Fiesta look so good in the form of the Fiesta 1.6S.Fiesta 1.6S Interior.jpgNew Fiesta.jpgThis car looks stunning and more so in Aquarius blue. The interiors have also been upgraded and are more sporty with well contoured seats and aluminium pedals. The quality of the interiors is good. ABS, EBD, front driver and passenger airbag is part of standard equipment, a good thing.

The new S version of the Fiesta does handle slightly better thanks to the wider tires and bigger 15 inch wheels. Ford have also worked on the suspension setup and it shows, with the ride being as good as the older version on lower profile rubber. The engine performance is the same as before and there are no changes in the engine which produces the same 101PS but with slight bit of tunning to give better fuel efficiency. The gearbox and brakes are same as before ie. good enough. Feedback from the steering is positive and it turns directions sharply. But what is most impressive about the new Fiesta 1.6S is the way it sounds, and it sounds absolutely fantabolous. If you buy this car, dont expect to get good mileage figures, for often you would be revving just to hear that snarl.

To sum up, the new Fiesta retains all the positives of the old one but is more appealing to the heart as much as its to the head and dare i say, its as much fun to drive as the Old Honda City Vtec.