With more than 25,000 sales bookings registered since its launch in March, the Ford Figo has cemented its reputation as one of India’s most in demand new cars. Targeting more than 70% of the country’s prospective new vehicle buyers, the popular Figo has helped drive growth in all markets (Tier I, II and III) across India. Based on the number of queries recorded by dealers nationwide and showroom visitors, the second half of the year looks equally promising.

“Reaching the 25,000 sales booking milestone in close to 100 days continues the Figo’s remarkable rise and rise in popularity among Indian consumers,” said Michael Boneham, president and managing director, Ford India. “Figo’s success has exceeded expectations in terms of sales and target markets. Our debut compact car offering is being very well received by a wide range of customers and this response has been instrumental in our efforts to increase market share,” he added.