The Freestyle will keep enthusiasts happy on weekdays as well as on weekends

Ford Freestyle Long Term Review

The Freestyle is a very value-for-money car and is quite involving to drive too

The Ford Freestyle has been a rebel +1 to the MotorBeam’s long term fleet for a couple of months now and has been my loyal daily commuter. Now my commute is one of the easiest, takes barely 20 minutes one side. That said, since the Freestyle has been under my wing, I’ve been guilty of taking the scenic route via the Palm Beach Road often. Who knew that burning an overpriced litre of petrol would be the most joyous time of my day and I have Ford to thank for it.

The petrol engine though not that refined has ample grunt for daily city driving

The Freestyle gets Ford’s new 1.2-litre 3-cylinder engine that is part of its Dragon series of engines. The engine offers 96 PS and 120 Nm, and Ford claims the power output is the highest for a 1.2-litre NA petrol engine in India. The motor is slightly laid back when it comes to building revs but rev it hard and it delivers a good punch. The Freestyle also debuts Ford’s new 5-speed manual transmission. Its ratios help in enhancing the bottom-end grunt and the engine and gearbox are tuned more for city driving.