The steering provides great feedback and the ride quality is also sublime

The sporty yet comfortable driving position coupled with superb dynamics make the Freestyle very fun to drive

The suspension is a hit as well. It imparts a very confident feel even when driving enthusiastically, be it on smooth terrains or uneven asphalt. The wider track benefits handling as well by adding to the planted feel. Typical to Ford’s style, the steering is very communicative. Add to it the soft, comfortable seats and the Freestyle imparts what I feel is one of the best driving positions ever, at least for me. Never for a second do you doubt that its a driver’s car, but having said that, it never compromises with passenger comfort.

Ford Freestyle Interior Long Term Report
The SYNC3 infotainment system is fluid and easy to use

Apart from the way it drives, another thing that I loved the most about the Freestyle was its SYNC3 touchscreen infotainment system. It’s slick, fast, never forgets to connect my phone when I sit in the car and fills the cabin well enough to host a private gig. I have loved being in the driver’s seat of this car day in and day out. Be it traffic or fatigue, I never gave up the chance to manoeuvre this kid and I’m for sure going to miss that. The styling impressed me a lot too, the light gold shade of my long-termer, seemed to do justice to its design and its sporty character.