New Ford Fiesta Sedan

It’s the festive season now and all car makers are gearing up to offer attractive discounts on their models to pull customers towards themselves. The latest addition to this discount race is the Ford Fiesta petrol sedan which is getting a discount of Rs.50,000. However, this is not a surprising move from Ford considering the low sales figures of the sedan. The low sales can be mainly attributed to the higher pricing it has been saddled with. Ford India is doing its best to attract customers with their ad campaigns portraying the real life experiences of the new features the car offers.

While this strategy does manage to garner some customers but is nowhere as expected or near to its competitors apart from the SX4 which sold significantly less due to labour issues at Maruti’s Manesar plant. Coupled with that is the rising cost of petrol that have made the demand totally subdued. As a product, the new Fiesta is a very great car to look at and also robustly built. It has got a good handling performance and many new class features like voice assist, cruise control and pull drift compensation steering. Ford India is also offering exchange bonus, free insurance and accessories that are worth over Rs. 50,000/- on the new Fiesta petrol. The offer is valid till 31st October, 2011. So hurry and book your new Fiesta today!!