2013 Ford Brake Light

With increasing number of vehicles on roads, development of safety features become a credential part for the automakers. Ford has tested a new technology ‘Electronic Brake Light’ that helps the driver to avoid collisions. The intelligent brake light system is based on a wireless signal technology that warns the following vehicles during the time of emergency braking to avoid the accident cautiously.

During sudden braking, the Ford vehicle equipped with this technology transmits a wireless signal and warns the following vehicles behind by lightning up a signal light on their dashboard. The system works even when the following vehicles are taking a corner or stuck behind other traffic. The technology is like a pre-assist system and helps to apply brakes timely, potentially to avoid accident during traffic queue.

The minivan S-MAX models are taken in use to test this smart feature. The technology is one of 20 potential future systems Ford tested as part of Safe Intelligent Mobility – Testfield Germany (simTD), a four-year joint industry research project. 500 test drivers, 120 vehicles have conducted the simTD tests for more than 41,000 hours and 1.6 million kilometers on an enclosed track in Frankfurt region. Ford has tested several other safety features including Obstacle Warning and Traffic Sign Assistant and will introduce them on production models soon.

2013 Ford Brake Light Safety