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Ford India is very serious about the Indian market and they will reiterate the fact on 16th February 2012, when the American automaker will open 45 dealerships in India on a single day. A Ford official has confirmed the same to us but says there is no launch around the corner and this dealership expansion drive is part of Ford’s commitment to the Indian market. In 2010, Ford opened 28 new dealerships on a single day, which was done on the back drop of the Figo’s launch in the country.

Ford has understood that service plays a vital role in the success of a car and thus is undertaking activities to ensure customer satisfaction post purchase. Opening 45 new dealerships is no mean feat, considering some automakers in India have less than 50 dealerships. The Ford EcoSport is said to be a Figo in the compact SUV segment and thus Ford needs more access points to customers. Will The EcoSport do what the Figo did? If they price it right, it surely will!

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