2013 Audi R8 Engine

A study was conducted recently regarding engine reliability from many manufacturers in the UK where it turns out the Germans, famous for rock solid reliability, make few of the least reliable engines in the business! In the study renowned manufactures like BMW, Volkswagen and Audi ranked in the bottom ten of the reliability chart which consisted of 36 car manufacturers. This study was conducted by Warranty Direct, one of the top firms which sell warranty for cars in the UK.

In this astonishing survey, it turns out that Audi is second from the bottom, at 35th place just one place before British company, MG Rover, which has been considered to be one of the most unreliable brands in the world for a very long time. Mini was third from the bottom with BMW, Mini’s owner, being ranked as the 7th most unreliable engine maker. Volkswagen, one of the biggest, most renowned and reputed brands in the world, ranked 9th from the bottom on the list.

The Japanese scored pretty well in this survey, with Honda grabbing 1st place followed closely by Toyota. According to the study, only 1 in 344 engines produced by Honda fail as compared to 1 in every 27 engines produced by Audi. But some lost glory was recovered by Mercedes-Benz for the Germans, which ranked 3rd in the list. Warranty Direct said that engine failures are one of the most expensive failures to repair as compared to many other components, so this study gives a very fair idea of engines from which company are least expected to fail.

Facelifted 2013 Mercedes Benz E-Class Front

Source – AutoExpress UK