For this week we are featuring Nitin Sharma and his Honda Civic. Remember you too can get featured by just answering the questions listed here. Make sure you send some pictures and be as descriptive as possible.

Nitin Sharma Civic Jungle

When and how did your love for cars/bikes or both start?
When i was in 10th Grade 1999 i first fell in love with Hero Honda CBZ and there it all started, i bought it on 19th Aug 2002.

Which car/bike do you currently own?
Early HONDA CIVIC 1.8S (Manual Transmission..!!!)

When did you buy your car/bike?
14th May 2007 5:15Pm :p

What made you buy this particular car/bike?
Because Civic had the Futuristic look, Awesome Cockpit with Digital Speedo, damn beautiful interior and the maximum power that i could have got with all this in the prize tag i was able to pay…!

How many kms have you done? How many do you do everyday?
19000Km…..Use to do on an average of 60-90Km everyday (From May 2007-July 2008) Coz Aug 2008 i came to USA.

What do you love the most about your car/bike?
Everything….The Brand, the exterior, the power, the interior, the digital speedo, the Low ground presence on road, the after market you can do to get the looks, and specially something very precious My Girlfriend…so it everythinggggggg there with my CIVIC just to fall in Love with.

Nitin Sharma Civic

What you don’t like about your car/bike?
There is nothing as such, but only thing that i wanted and i dont have it is the Easily ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSIONS…coz when 4 people sit inside and there is a speedbraker it bumps and hits the speedbraker hard…which hurts a lot…!

Will you trade your car/bike for any other vehicle? If yes, which one?
Damn no…!!! Will get my dream car by paying money…not by trading it for something else.

What is the longest you drove/rode your car/bike and where?
Being Frank…Just 180Km…sadly on the Aurangabad-Pune road.

White Honda Civic

What is the fastest speed you have achieved on your car/bike?
179Km/hr (4th Gear)…still wanted to get the 205Km/hr speed hitting the 5th gear but there were TATA trucks so SAFE DRIVING hit the brakes. Better to slow down to achive the desired later…!

What mileage does your vehicle give you?
Never really checked but somewhere around…8-9Km/lit in city and 11-12Km/Lit on highways.

What is the nastiest thing you have done in your vehicle?
With my GF next to me, screeching continuously for 1 and a half pole…you can think what happens next…???

My Civic Vinyl

What modifications have you done to your vehicle and what do you plan to do in the future?
I did very few mods, but all by myself. Vinyl, Strobes, and stickers. I love my car stock as don’t want to do any low quality job done. When i have sufficient money i would like to upgrade the color to Mat black, All side Official Mugen skirting, Carbon fiber hood & Adjustable carbon fiber spoiler, Sun/Moon roof, sports interior, engine power, Halo Projectors smokey head and tail lights.

Why is your car/bike so special to you?
Coz it has given my everything that i never ever dreamed of…! So its very precious to me…I call it my babe…!

Which is your dream car/bike?
Lamborghini Reventon Roadster.

Which car/bike sold in India is your current favourite?
Bike – Low power previous Karizma not the latest 2009 model, Sportbikes – Yamaha R1
Car – CLS AMG 63

Any advice for Motorbeam readers?
The best place you can get the updates about the Automobiles happening in India even when you are abroad is…..It rockZ…!