The new technologies from Hyundai will be changing the face of future transportation with a host of car assist and driver assist systems in place.

Hyundai Augmented Reality HUD Intersection Movement System
Hyundai has showed some really shockingly awesome technologies at the 2015 CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is scheduled to start in some hours in Las Vegas, US and Hyundai has previewed a host of its new technological concepts that will be gracing its pavilion at the event over the next few days. The company has taken the concept of future transportation to a whole new level and will have the technologies up and running very soon on its range of vehicles as it showcases augmented reality Head Up Display (HUD), rear seat infotainment and connectivity, wearable devices as well as driver assist systems at the 2015 CES.

Starting with the Augmented Reality HUD concept, the system presents the driver with information in the form of animations that describe the road conditions ahead. The augmented reality HUD will help the driver see warnings like when a car is about to enter the lane unexpectedly, the arrows leading to exit ramps, highlighted street signs, Smart Cruise Control Distance bars as well as one-way street markings. In addition, the augmented reality HUD has been linked to a wearable wrist band that will vibrate when the Lane Departure Warning system has been activated and also comes with a heart rate monitor that will notify the authorities if the driver’s heart rate changes too rapidly.

Next up is the 2015 Hyundai Cockpit Concept that will demonstrate heart rate monitoring, driver alertness monitor, blind spot and safe following distance warnings. The system is also capable of turn-by-turn navigation, advanced low fuel warnings among other host of new technologies on offer. The Hyundai pavilion at the CES will also be showcasing advanced rear seat entertainment systems and connectivity technologies with the use of tablets that monitor rear seat passengers and will also come with 3D gesture recognition, audio and video systems, HVAC and smartphone connectivity.

Lastly, Hyundai’s customer safety and convenience are inching closer to being production ready with its new new driver assistance systems. The new systems include road working warning system that notifies that driver in case the road is closed for repairs or the Variable Speed Limit system that informs the driver of the road speed limit. In addition, there is also the Signal and Timing system, remote auto parking, collision with pedestrian warning, lane guidance control, highway driving assist, variable speed limit system and much more that will soon make it on the company’s high-end vehicles in the near future.

Hyundai Future Infotainment Screens
This is how Hyundai’s future infotainment screens will look like
Hyundai Road Work Warning System
The Road Work Warning system informs the driver of any road repairs or closed roads
Hyundai Signal Phase And Timing System
The Signal and Timing system provides current intersection signal & remaining time on the HUD
Hyundai Variable Speed Limit System
The Variable Speed Limit System informs the driver of the road speed limit
Hyundai Narrow Passage Assistant System
The Narrow Passage Assist automatically controls the lateral movements of the car on a narrow path