Maruti Wagon R Global NCAP
50 Indian cars were tested by Global NCAP in the last 10 years

Global NCAP has stated that they will stop testing Indian cars soon. They will stop their Safer Cars For India campaign by December 2023. Global NCAP is aiming at removing confusion amongst consumers and promoting a unified approach towards vehicle testing in India.

Global NCAP’s Safer Cars For India programme started in 2013 and in the last 10 years they tested around 50 cars for crash test ratings. Now that Bharat NCAP is gearing up towards their launch in October 2023. Global NCAP will stop testing Indian cars as they don’t want to be seen as a rival to BNCAP.

Indian automakers have given a positive response to Bharat NCAP and as many as 30 models are already lined up for testing soon.

Global NCAP will provide technical support thanks to its 10 years of testing experience with Indian cars. This support includes sharing SOPs, best practices and technical insights. It also includes guidance on the selection of vehicles for testing, inspection of tests and communication strategies for sharing test results. They will also address the critical issue of responsible usage of test results by manufacturers in their advertising campaigns.