Android Software In Cars

The last decade has been the golden era for technological innovations. The incorporation of common rail diesel injection technology has changed the prospects of diesel engines and presently, diesel engines have become superior to their petrol counterparts. The present generation vehicles are loaded with a lot of features which enhances comfort and all round performance of the vehicles. The technological giants Apple and Google have changed the way we use our phones with the introduction of iOS and Android operating systems in our mobiles.

Have you ever imagined these operating systems will make entry into your cars. Your imaginations may become reality in the coming months. Google has collaborated with auto giants like Audi, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai under the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) to bring Android platform into cars by the end of this year and is also welcoming other manufacturers to join the alliance if they are interested. Nvidia will be developing a new interface for this project. The open development model and common platform will allow automakers to bring new technology to their customers and create new opportunities for developers.

The alliance can be expected as a step taken to achieve faster innovation. The expansion of the Android platform into the automotive sector will allow mobile manufacturers to easily integrate mobiles with cars which aims to offer customers a familiar and a seamless experience. The introduction of Android platform to cars will help extend people’s mobile experience seamlessly to another platform. Working mechanism of basic gauges can be monitored and any problems can be found easily. The first car with the Android integration mechanism is expected to be launched at the end of 2014 or early 2015.

Android Software Induced Vehicles

Android Platform Navigation Screen