The Government has announced a ban on the use bull bars and crash guards on 4-wheelers stating it can be fatal to pedestrians and occupants.

Government Ban Bull Bars Crash Guards
As per the notice, State authorities will take strict against unauthorised use of this accessory

If you are highly protective about your car’s front body and have a bull bar or crash guard mounted on it, its time to get it off right away as the Indian Government is highly reluctant about it. According to a new notice circulated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, no vehicle should have strapped bull bars or crash guards on any of its body parts as it is the violation of Government set rules.

As per the rules, use of bull bars on vehicles is considered as illegal under Section 52 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Also, Section 190 and Section 191 of Motor Vehicle Act state that mounting crash guards attract the preset penalties from the owner. In accordance to this, the Ministry has commanded the state authorities to take strict action if a vehicle is found with such accessories.

The presence of crash guards and bull bars can be fatal to the passenger and pedestrians. The airbags may fail to operate due to the crash guard after a vigorous crash and can cause harm to the driver and other passengers in the vehicle. It can also prove dangerous to the pedestrians. Another drawback of it could be encountered in traffic. As it protrudes too ahead to that of the actual size of the front bumper, you might misjudge while braking resultantly bumping into the vehicle ahead. Any vehicle owner intending to make major modifications has to take permission from the authority.

Government Bans Bull Bars

– State authorities received a circular mentioning ban on bull bars and crash guards
– It attracts heavy penalty under Section 52, Section 190 and Section 191 of Motor Vehicle Act
– Use of bull bars and crash guards can cause major harm to passengers and pedestrians

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