Harley-Davidson has decided to join hands with Zhejiang Qianjiang to make smaller 338cc motorcycles for Chinese market.

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The new bike will have an engine displacement of 338cc

Harley-Davidson recently announced their tie-up with Chinese company Zhejiang Qianjiang to make smaller displacement bikes for the Chinese market. The new bike will have a 338cc engine, which is by far the smallest engine produced by Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson revealed that the company picked Qianjiang due to its experience in developing premium small displacement motorcycles, their supply base and the knowledge of emerging markets. Both the companies will be co-operating in equipment and supply chain optimisation.

Harley-Davidson as a brand has been struggling to sustain its growth in USA and has seen a drop in sales and revenues over the past three years. While the Indian market is not familiar with Qianjiang motorcycles, it’s interesting to note that the company owns the Benelli brand of motorcycles.

In the four-year pact between the bike manufacturers, Qianjiang will be responsible for purchasing parts as per the relevant specifications and will assemble the motorcycles at its Wenling factory. They will also be responsible for getting Chinese certification for Harley-Davidson bikes to be sold in the local market.

The new bike will initially be sold in China, one of the world’s largest motorcycle markets, slowly expanding their sales in other Asian markets including India. It will go on sale in China by late 2020.

Harley-Davidson 338cc Bike

– Harley-Davidson to partner with Zhejiang Qianjiang
– The new bike will have a small capacity 338cc engine
– First launch in China, sales to slowly expand to other Asian markets

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The new bike will initially be sold in China, slowly expanding to other Asian markets

Source – AutocarIndia.com