Harley-Davidson Warranty Void Flags

Corporate world jigs are very common and are in the news all the time when it comes to multinational companies. However, when it comes to the customer, they make sure that it does not affect them. This time it has been done by an American company called Harley-Davidson. The story comes from their home ground after a veteran bought a Harley-Davidson and clocked a mind numbing 40 lakh kms on it. The owner had made several modification to the bike, one of them was the addition of huge sized flags to the back of the motorcycle. Meanwhile other modifications were Harley approved, the flags were also installed at Harley dealerships but both the Harley dealership and the Veteran knew that it was not approved by Harley-Davidson officially.

After the huge number of kilometers being put on it, the clutch of the motorcycle was worn out and since Harley-Davidson offers lifetime warranty on its products in its hometown, the repair had to be done free of cost. However, despite the feat this man has achieved and everything falling in warranty zone, Harley has denied claims of Dave Zein’s motorcycle. Harley-Davidson says that the flags mounted on his motorcycle are so huge that they create ridiculous amount of drag on the machine which puts insane stress on the powertrain and transmission.

The motorcyclist is said to have ridden his bike at the limit all the time too but despite all that, the motorcycle only suffered a clutch wear is what is in the news everywhere. However, a simple fact is that if there was drag being created, other parts would have suffered as well. Clutch is a thing which has to wear out after a certain period of time because it has a limited life while rest of the parts can go life long with regular maintenance, something which Harley is also not known for either.

What Harley is saying is absolutely right, the drag levels are enormous but a person who has achieved a feat which is as crazy as this should be exempted and somebody who has been an ex-veteran, and has an amputated right leg and still managed to do all of this deserves special attention. This is what we think. These stories are at large in America and looks like Harley is not entertaining these facts anymore. While the world is on the side of the veteran, Dave says that he is still a Harley-Davidson fan despite whatever has happened and he will still be a fan.

The warranty of the motorcycle still stays intact but what’s the point if it cannot be used. We think it can only be used if the person gets the flag removed. We don’t think it is possible for any veteran of any country to remove the flags from something which he owns and adores. Pride and honour for the country and country’s biggest manufacturer doesn’t care?

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