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Human mentality always tends to expect maximum output from minimum input. We often come across queries of how to boost up vehicle performance. Hence we thought to clear out the air by sharing our thoughts. The most common myth is that vehicle performance increases by tweaking up of engine (only); which is an absolute blunder. Agreed that vehicle performance is mainly because of engine and transmission but there are other things which also contribute significantly. We will suggest you various methods of increasing your vehicle’s performance and it’s you who has to choose the one which fits into your budget. This article covers almost all domains of the vehicle which includes both two and four wheelers.

Engine – It’s well known that engine is the heart of any automobile. What kind of boosting can be done on an engine?

1) Performance Air Filter – The most common way of increasing the performance of the vehicle. The greater pore size will allow more airflow into the engine which enhances combustion; hence better output.

2) Performance Exhaust System – Exhaust systems also play crucial role during the power delivery. A smooth free flow exhaust system ensures that performance increases.

3) ECU Tuning – This one is applicable only for vehicles with an ECU. Aftermarket performance ECU’s yield superior performance from the vehicle.

4) Higher valve lift via camshaft – Now this needs some special skills to work on. Design and machining of camshaft is difficult but if done properly, performance increases comprehensively. This should be done by people with good knowledge.

5) Ram Air Intake – Now this one is a little tricky but it can be done by using some basic engineering. Increasing the pressure in the inlet manifold using the dynamic behaviour of the vehicle.

Tyre and Tyre Related – Performance can be rated both on speed, acceleration as well as handling.

1) For better handling make sure that one chooses a better tyre size, profile and thread before selecting one. In the market one would get plenty of options but the ultimate choice will lay with the customer and his/her requirements.

2) For bikes – Top speed of a bike can be increased if one changes the sprocket ratio. One can get aftermarket sprocket set which comes with a chain too. Smaller sprocket will increase top speed but the torque will be compromised.

Myth Of Increasing Performance –

1) Higher Octane/Cetane number fuel will not boost the vehicle’s performance until and unless the engine is running on high compression.

2) Cold Air Intake System – Cold air intake system improves the performance of a vehicle but it is barely noticeable. The reason for that, the drop in temperature of air after the usage of cold air intake system is small which hardly boosts up any performance.

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