Its been a long time coming but its finally here. Harley Davidson will be officially launching its bikes in the Indian market on th 27th of August. After the successful entry of other superbike manufactures, its Harley Davidsons chance to showcase its motorcyles to Indian bikers. The Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturerl be launching the 883cc Roadster and Fatboy which are being bought in as Completely Built Units. The Roadster will be priced around Rs. 10 lakhs, whereas the Fatboy (pictured above as well on their site here) will cost a whopping Rs. 20 lakhs.


Harley-Davidson’s efforts to sell its motorcycles in India was earlier hindered thrice by stringent emission requirements, high tariffs and taxes. However, Director General of Foreign Trade has allowed the imports into India provided the bikes have been homologated by any certified agency from the European Union.  Earlier, the policy stated that the bikes needed to be homologated only in their country of origin as this meant that all 800cc plus bikes needed to be tested and then approved in the country they were manufactured in, to be treated roadworthy in India.