Harley-Davidson Automated Emergency Braking System
The technology will rely on numerous sensors and cameras

Harley-Davidson seems to be working on an ‘Automated Emergency Braking’ system as latest patent filings reveal.

The Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer looks to be developing the emergency braking system to be fitted to its future models.

This Harley-Davidson automated emergency braking system uses several sensors (in the grips, seat, among other places) that not only monitor the bike’s surroundings, but also the person riding the motorcycle.

It also makes use of a camera which is fitted to the dash to face the rider and also a helmet-mounted camera that focuses on the rider’s eyes.

The latter, through vision tracking, will help the system determine the state in which the rider is in and also in what direction he or she is looking, which will then enable the system to ensure the motorcycle stays on course.

Although, by definition, the Harley-Davidson automated emergency braking system is more of a crash avoidance tech only to be called upon in case of an emergency, in reality it is a full-blown system that monitors the rider and surroundings at all times.

But, in case the system has to chime in, it will initially alert the rider through a series of warning lights, haptic and audible warnings, asking him or her to react.

If no response is received, the system will then start applying the brakes and eventually bringing the motorcycle to a halt. Assuming that the rider is incapacitated, both the rider and bike will then topple over.

That is not all. Another feature of this emergency braking system is that it can determine how much braking power is needed at any given situation. Thus, in case a rider is found to be not applying the required force on the brakes, the bike will lend a helping hand.

Looks like bike manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to make a motorcycle do most of the riding in the name of technology development, eh!

Harley-Davidson Automated Emergency Braking System Patent
The rider will also be continuously monitored
Harley-Davidson Automated Emergency Braking Tech
It is not known when the system will feature on a production motorcycle

Source – Visordown.com