The company had issued a recall over faulty brakes which had plagued nearly 44,000 units worldwide.

2017 Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 Side
The Street Rod 750 gets USD forks on the front and piggyback shocks at the rear

The Harley Davidson Street 750 and Street Rod 750 were affected by very poor sales in the month of February 2019. The American motorcycle manufacturer sold zero units of both the motorcycles in the month of February in India. However, it’s not that motorcycles aren’t fetching demand, there’s another reason which caused the drop in the sales.

Coming to the reason, the sales were affected due to a recall that the company issued last month. The recall was made over faulty brakes. The brake calliper piston bores were prone to rust which affected the overall braking performance of the motorcycles. This is the reason the company decided against selling their motorcycles with faulty brakes and briefly stopped the sales of the Street 750 and the Street Rod 750. Almost 44,000 motorcycles which were manufactured 2016 onwards are prone to this issue.

This is not the only time that the company has recalled its motorcycles in India. Harley Davidson had issued another recall back in 2015 for the Street 750 which was due to a faulty fuel-pump seal. The Harley Davidson Street 750 and the Street Rod 750 are powered by the same 749cc, liquid-cooled V-twin engine which produces 59 Nm of torque on Street 750 and 62 Nm of torque aboard the Street Rod 750. Both the motorcycles come with a 6-speed gearbox. The Street 750 gets conventional telescopic forks on the front and dual shocks at the rear while the Street Rod 750 gets 43mm upside down forks and piggyback reservoir shocks at the rear. The Street 750 and Street Rod 750 are the cheapest Harleys which are available in India.

Harley Davidson Street 750

– Harley Davidson Street 750 and Street Rod 750 sales dropped to zero in February
– It was due to a recall issued by the company for faulty brakes and decided not to sell bikes with issues
– The brake issue has affected 44,000 units worldwide

2016 Harley Davidson Street 750 Review
The Street 750 is the cheapest Harley available in India

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