The Street 750 and SuperLow will be used for escort and piloting of VIP convoys and not for actual patrolling across the state.

Harley Street 750 SuperLow Gujarat Police
The Harley bikes get no changes to the engine and continue with the same power output

If you hail from Gujarat and were planning a career option related to high performance cruisers, it might just be a good time to join the state police services. Bringing law and order to the state in iconic and head turning style, the Gujarat police have added two new high performance cruisers, the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and the SuperLow to its fleet that come equipped with all kinds of bells and whistles needed to be seen on a police motorcycle.

As these images have emerged on social media, the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and SuperLow models have been given a white paint job and come with the bold ‘Police’ monikers as well as the warning lights, siren and a wireless communicator on board. Both the models will be stock in terms of mechanicals with the Street 750 drawing power from a 749cc engine, while the SuperLow uses a larger 883cc motor.

This purchase of the Harley-Davidson cruisers come as part of the new fleet of vehicles purchased by the state police force ahead of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2015 and include 225 units of the Bolero and 350 units of bikes, 23 of which will be distributed to the Gandhinagar police. While Harley cruisers definitely offer lots of power (but the Street 750 doesn’t have good braking) that will come handy in high speed chases, the Gujarat police will be limiting the use of the new luxury motorcycles to escorting and piloting of VIP convoys.

Harley Street 750 Gujarat Police Front
The police spec Harley comes with sirens, warning lights and a wireless communicator
Harley Street 750 Gujarat Police
At present over 45 countries uses Harley-Davidson motorcycles as police vehicles
Harley Street 750 Gujarat Police Rear
The Harley bikes will only be used to escort and pilot VIP conveys

Source – Faiz Wadia’s facebook page