A thief who stole a Harley Davidson Street 750 from Hyderabad turns out to be an IITian and also an employee of ONGC in Mumbai.

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There was a time when we thought thieves are poorly-educated people with a penchant for stealing other people’s stuff discretely, such as by climbing into houses at night or when everyone’s out, or stealing cars from dark and shady abandoned streets. Things have changed a lot now. Thieves have become modern and tech-savvy by leaps and bounds. Certain thieves, like the one we will feature in this story have more qualifications than an average Indian graduate. Yes, we are talking about the guy who stole a bike from the Harley-Davidson dealership in Hyderabad.

The man went to the dealership by posing as Tahir Ali and asked for a test ride. The sales people took down his address, phone number and email address, which apparently and quite unsurprisingly turned out to be fake. A sales person from the showroom got onto a bike and told Tahir to follow him on the test ride bike. Both of them left from the showroom and soon after, the sales person took a right turn from the signal while Tahir dodged him and went in the other direction. Thankfully, the entire act got caught on the CCTV cameras that were installed within the showroom premises.

The police then launched an investigation and finally traced the thief to Mumbai. Turns out, the guy’s name is Kiran and he claims to be a graduate from IIT Chennai! That’s not all, he also seems to be working for the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India (ONGC). Police have taken the thief back to Hyderabad for further investigations. The incident occurred at the Harley-Davidson dealership at Banjara Hills and the stolen bike was a Street 750.

2016 Harley Davidson Street 750
The Street 750 was stolen from the company’s dealership at Banjara Hills