Shell Advance Yyayy Campaign

Shell Advance is in search for India’s Yyayy moment and the campaign is gaining some very interesting stories everyday inching closer and closer to the grand finale. Participants are sharing their one of a kind riding experiences that have been Yyayy moments in their lives. We bring you some of the most liked entries shared by the participants who are racing forward towards the mega prize.

1. Arvind Sibi – Riding on the scorching sun on the AH-45 when suddenly the sky goes dark followed by a cold and heavy rain. The wet roads appeared as if they were mirrors! That was indeed a YYAAYY moment in my life!

2. Charanjeet Juneja – 1 day riding @ 80 km/hr on a flyover downwards, the rear tyre got punctured and ride became zigzag in heavy and fast traffic, I controlled and handled that situation, saving my life, it was an Yyayy moment.

3. Vinny Vadiraj – To ride to explore to feel the weather to truly and totally relax, the trees the road with the white lines getting eaten up with your speed. The wind and it’s crazy way to totally calm your nerves.

Find these interesting? Now all you have to do is share your Yyayy moments with Shell to contest for the prizes too. Begin your moment with “My Yyayy moment…” along with a picture, and get the maximum number of likes and shares through social media for your story while doing so.

You can check out your published story on Shell India’s website. Make sure you also browse through the Gallery for other stories.

The participants with the most number of likes on their story are subjected to win the mega prize – a Bajaj Pulsar 150. Other participants are also subjected to winning prizes on a daily and weekly basis with vouchers from Flipkart up for grabs. Participants can also avail for a discount voucher available on Shell’s website for purchasing products. So make sure you share that story that brings out those old and beautiful memories and go out and create new ones with your ride.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 Side