The iSmart start-stop technology on the Hero Splendor gives it the advantage in stop and go conditions and has helped achieve a fuel efficiency figure of 102.5 km/l as per iCAT tests.

Hero Splendor iSmart Test Ride Review
Hero is yet to officially announce the fuel efficiency figures on the new Splendor iSmart

In a market like India where fuel economy holds more importance over other features, manufacturers have been working extremely hard to trample each other posting higher fuel efficiency figures. In the two-wheeler space, it is now Hero MotoCorp that has been working on the new generation Splendor iSmart powered by a 97.2cc air-cooled engine that is reportedly the most fuel efficient vehicle in the world as per the recent iCAT tests.

According to the latest fuel efficiency values (March 2015) certified by the central government’s International Centre for Automotive Technology (iCAT), the Hero Splendor iSmart returns a fuel efficiency figure of 102.5 km/l. In comparison, the current Splendor iSmart comes with an ARAI certified fuel economy of 65 km/l. Fuel efficiency figures are obtained when conducting emission tests and give a mileage figure that can be obtained under ideal conditions.

While the real world figures will vary, it is indeed commendable that the Splendor iSmart is capable of achieving such an extremely impressive economy. This also makes the Splendor the world’s most fuel efficient two-wheeler, beating the recently launched Platina ES 100 to the title, the Bajaj being rated at 96.9 km/l. Hero MotoCorp became the first manufacturer to offer start-stop technology on motorcycles in India and chose to offer it on a commuter bike to make this technology reach a wider audience.

Hero Splendor iSmart Test Ride
Hero has beaten the Platina ES 100 as the most fuel efficient bike returning 102.5 km/l

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