Hindustan Ambassador Top Gear Show

The iconic Ambassador from Hindustan Motors has won the world taxi shootout, organised by Richard Hammond in Top Gear’s latest 20th series. The shootout was organised by the show to find out the world’s best taxi. In a way it was an endurance test challenge for a range of taxis coming from all over the world, which included India, Britain, America, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and Russia. The HM Ambassador came out to be the most enduring of them all, thanks to its tough build. Top Gear is filled with humour so the results shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Still it instills us with pride to see the Ambassador win.

The Hindustan Ambassador is in production since 1958, which still retains the original design but comes with updated tech specs and equipment. It was originally based on the Morris Oxford and with some badge engineering treatment, it received tremendous response in the Indian market in those times. It was known as the king of Indian roads. The Ambassador is popular amongst Netajis and taxi segment in India but lately because of strict norms, the carmaker is finding it difficult to sell the vehicle.

The Hindustan Ambassador currently features a 1.8-litre MPFI petrol engine and a 2.0-litre Isuzu diesel engine. The shootout winner, HM Ambassador now lives in Beaulieu’s World of Top Gear. The section of World of Top Gear is showcased in Beaulieu National Motor Museum, which is created by the Top Gear presenters. The World of Top Gear showcases the vehicles that went through ambitious challenges in the Top Gear series. Hindustan Motors feels motivated after seeing the Ambassador win and has several plans to boost sales of this retro machine.