The Honda CB Hornet 160R app gives access to a host of details about the bike including tech specs, features while also giving the option to book the bike.

2016 Honda CB Hornet 160R Review
The CB Hornet app is now available in 53 cities pan India

We are quite impressed with Honda’s latest offering the CB Hornet 160R that has gone right up to the Suzuki Gixxer in terms of performance and also has a few tricks unique to itself that helps the model stand out. While the bike is promising indeed, Honda chose to opt for a digital platform to connect with customers as it launched the Hornet 160R app which showcases every detail that you need to know about the sporty commuter. Within just 7 days of its launch, the CB Hornet 160R app has received over 10,000 downloads from just 21 cities where it was initially available.

The new Honda CB Hornet 160R App gives you access to

* Overview of style, technology, comfort & performance of the Hornet
* An experiential feature with a realistic reproduction of CB Hornet 160R engine thrills and revs
* A complete list of specifications and features on the CB Hornet 160R
* Hi-resolution images including wallpapers, angle shots and feature shots
* A comprehensive 360-degree view of the CB Hornet 160R from all angles
* Virtual showcase of the Hornet in its five different colours
* In-depth feature comparison reports with competition models in the segment
* City specific pricing of its two variants- Standard Single Disc and Dual Disc with CBS
* The app also lists down dealers where the CB Hornet 160R is available for sale across India

Given the strong performance of the app, Honda has now decided to make the same available across 53 cities that will further make the app available to prospective buyers. This also is a first such initiative to be taken by a two-wheeler manufacturer in the industry that is targeted towards informed buying decision after in-depth feature comparison, states the company. The app is currently available on Google Play store, only for Android phones.

The Honda CB Hornet 160R app also allows customers to book the bike through the app with the ‘Book Now’ option. To book their CB Hornet 160R, customers need to click on the Book Now option and submit their required information, after which the page will be redirected to a secured online payment gateway. A booking amount of Rs. 5000/- needs to be paid here for the Hornet. The app also gives an expected date of delivery of the bike.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Mobile App
The CB Hornet 160R uses a 163cc engine & comes with dual discs & CBS on top trim
Honda CB Hornet 160R App Features
The app gives in-depth details of the bike including comparisons
Honda CB Hornet 160R Mobile App Bookings
The app also shows an expected delivery date after booking