Last month, we reported that Honda might add an engine kill switch to the CB Hornet 160R but it has been confirmed that the company isn’t planning to do the same.

2016 Honda CB Hornet 160R Review
The CB Hornet 160R misses out on engine kill switch

Honda launched the CB Hornet 160R towards the fag end of 2015 and it was its 15th launch for the year. The motorcycle impressed everyone and it got rave reviews too. However, the Japanese bike-maker cut some corners on the bike to keep costs in check. One major omission was the engine kill switch.

Nowadays, most bikes with engines above 150cc come with an engine kill switch (even the 110cc TVS Victor has it) as standard and it is more of an essential feature. However, Honda believes that customers would be fine without it. The CB Unicorn 160 also doesn’t come with one and everyone was disappointed with the same. The same story was repeated with the CB Hornet 160R.

There was a rumour that Honda is working on an improved version of the CB Hornet 160R based on customer feedback. It was rumoured to come with an engine kill switch and better quality switchgear as the current one is nothing to talk about. But, the Hornet maker has clarified that it doesn’t have any plans to do the same.

The Honda CB Hornet 160R has been off to a great start in terms of sales with it outselling the Suzuki Gixxer by almost twice. Customers are lapping up the motorcycle owing to its muscular styling, powerful engine and good pricing. The success of the new kid however has led to the demise of the older one as sales of the CB Unicorn 160 have fallen to double digits.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Engine Kill Switch

– The bike doesn’t get an engine kill switch, a necessity
– It was rumoured to get one, Honda has clarified it isn’t getting one
– The CB Hornet 160R has been off to a great start in terms of sales

Suzuki Gixxer vs Honda CB Hornet 160R
The Hornet’s arch rival, the Suzuki Gixxer gets an engine kill switch