2021 Honda CB650R 3
The CB650R hosts neo-classic styling which looks appealing and minimalistic

The Honda CB650R has received a few updates for 2021, including new front suspension, full LED lighting and the biggest one being its Euro 5 compliancy.

The CB650R is the middle-weight offering of Honda’s neo-sport naked ‘CB’ series. It sits right between the youngest offering- the CB300R and the big daddy- the CB1000R and rounds up as a good motorcycle worldwide.

For 2021, the Honda CB650R gets some updates which increase practicality and show that Honda has improvised on the consumer reviews. The bike now gets an updated negative LCD display to enhance readability.

Further, the lighting is now full LED for better visibility and to reduce power consumption. Consequently, the decreased power consumption has made way for a USB socket under the seat.

Moreover, to enhance the riding dynamics of the CB650R, Honda has thrown in the 41 mm USD Showa Big Piston forks upfront. These will definitely make the front end of the bike much more planted and confidence-inspiring.

Performance-wise, the 649cc inline-four motor gets a redesigned cam profile, different timing, exhaust changes, and a new ECU tune. As a result, the motor adheres to the Euro 5 norms and makes 95 PS of power and 63 Nm of torque.

Sadly, though, it doesn’t seem that Honda will launch this in India even though the Indian market sees good sales of middle-weight naked bikes. If it were to arrive in India, it would rival the Kawasaki Z650 and the Ducati Monster 795.

2021 Honda CB650R

  • The CB650R has received some updates for 2021 making it more practical
  • The bike now gets new 41 mm USD Showa Big Piston Forks upfront, full LED lighting, and a new negative LCD display
  • The bike now makes 1 PS more than the previous model and no other changes are seen
2021 Honda CB650R 2
This is the new colour option for 2021- Pearl Smoky Grey
2021 Honda CB650R 1
All other colour options remain unchanged