KTM 890 Adventure R Rally 2
This is Toby Price displaying the capabilities of the 890 Adventure R Rally

KTM has revealed their new off-road offering- the 890 Adventure R. In addition, the Austrian company has also revealed a Rally version as well which gets all top-spec equipment as standard.

The KTM 890 Adventure R takes inspiration from the capable 790 Adventure, but with an additional 90cc to play with. The 890 Adventure R offers much more and aims to enhance the overall ADV lineup.

Talking about the 890 Adventure R first, it has a lot on offer. The updates include a reinforced clutch, improved ABS and Traction Control, an updated quickshifter (optional), and a new button for cruise control. Further, the chassis gets upgraded aluminum steering head tube and a lighter subframe, and there are new suspension settings to play with as well.

Moving on to the Rally variant, it gets WP XPLOR PRO suspension, an Akrapovic can, special racing seat, quickshifter as standard, narrow rims, carbon fiber tank protectors and rally footrests. Further, you also get a clear screen and winglets for better aerodynamics.

However, the 890 Adventure R Rally is a limited edition model and only 500 units will be available worldwide. As we speak, the number of bikes available stands at just 270 units according to the official KTM website.

Performance wise, both bikes use the 889cc motor, which makes 105 HP at 8000 RPM and 100 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM. The Rally variant will make more power and will perform better, though, thanks to the extra performance components and less weight.

In summary, the KTM 890 Adventure R ups the middle-weight ADV category of motorcycles as it offers great equipment with good performance. Sadly, we might not see these great ADV bikes in India as we don’t have the 890 Duke here as well.

KTM 890 Adventure R

  • KTM has revealed the new 890 Adventure R and the 890 Adventure R Rally
  • The bikes feature a 889cc motor which makes 105 HP and 100 Nm
  • The Rally variant gets special rally spec components, including an Akrapovic exhaust, and only 500 of these will be made
KTM 890 Adventure R 1
The 890 Adventure R looks like a beefed up 790 Adventure R
KTM 890 Adventure R Rally 1
This is the ‘very exclusive’ 890 Adventure R Rally
KTM 890 Adventure R 2
The handlebar on the 890 Adventure R can be mounted in 6 different positions!