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Buyers of the latest Honda motorcycle in India are getting frustrated and rightly so. After having booked their bikes way back in January 2011, they are yet to receive their CBR250R. The worse thing is that most dealers are not even aware of the situation at the parent company and are left speechless when asked about the delivery date. The recent Tsunami in Japan could have an impact on CBR25oR’s production as many parts are imported from there. However Honda should behave in a more professional manner and inform the buyers when they can get their hands on their dream machine.[singlepic id=4519 w=500 h=340 float=center]


Some dealers are quoting that delivers might be delayed till early June as Honda is not able to produce at optimal capacity. While this surely sounds bad for prospective buyers, the current people waiting and resorted to canceling their bookings. Word has it though, that Honda has stopped accepting bookings for the baby CBR as they try their best to match demand and supply. Oh Honda, its not the first time you have made your buyers wait!