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Honda Motorcycle has launched a new colour in the CBR250R. The Pearl Heron Blue Tri-Colour has been much admired by enthusiasts for a long time and finally is available in India. The Honda CBR250R is now available in 4 colours with the addition of this new colour (red, black and silver are the other colours). We feel this colour looks absolutely smashing on the CBR250R. The red front mudguard, white fairing and blue tank look well balanced out. The company has not announced price of this new colour which will be available from February 2012. A slight premium will be charged for this colour, which is available in both standard and ABS variants. Is this Honda’s reaction to the upcoming KTM Duke 200?

The Honda CBR250R is powered by a single-cylinder 250cc engine which produces peak power of 25 BHP at 8500 RPM and peak torque of 23 Nm at 7000 RPM. With a weight of 167 kgs, the CBR250R is not the lightest around and returns a mileage of around 30 kmpl. The 6-speed manual gearbox is smooth, while the braking system is excellent thanks to the combi-ABS. The Honda CBR250R currently enjoys monoply as there is no bike in its range offering similar performance levels.

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