2014 Honda City vs Hyundai Verna

The automotive industry has been facing a slowdown since quite some time now, however manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that their cars sell. The C-Segment has always been a battleground for all the major manufacturers and each one of them are offering good products. It finally depends on the consumers as to what appeals to them the most. Some buyers look for performance and driving pleasure while some look for comfort and features so in the end it is the buyer who is the king.

Here, we are doing a price comparison of the most popular C-segment sedans i.e. Honda City, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid and Hyundai Verna. Each one of them excels in their own way. While the City has been the market leader since a long time, the Verna overtook it recently owing to the fact that it came with more goodies and a diesel engine. However, Honda has just launched the 2014 City with a hope to regain its lost position. The Vento and Rapid are quite similar to each other and both are performing well and have recently got updates from their respective manufacturers.

Honda City vs Volkswagen Vento vs Skoda Rapid vs Hyundai Verna – Petrol Price Comparison

C Segment Cars Petrol Price Comparo

Honda City vs Volkswagen Vento vs Skoda Rapid vs Hyundai Verna – Diesel Price Comparison

C Segment Cars Diesel Price Comparo

All the above mentioned prices are ex-showroom, Delhi.

Here is some quick inference from the price table – 

  • Base petrol variants of the Honda City and Hyundai Verna are priced almost the same. The City has a superior engine.
  • Amongst the top variants, the Vento and Rapid are significantly cheaper but lack the amount of kit present in the Verna and City.
  • When it comes to petrol Automatic, the Vento TSI is the best bet in terms of price and performance.
  • The diesel powered base Rapid and Vento are cheaper than the City and Verna but the Volkswagen Group cars lack equipment.
  • The base diesel variants of the City and Verna  are priced the same, the City diesel has the more powerful engine.
  • Top-end variants of the Vento and Rapid are cheaper than the top-end variants of the City and Verna but again the Volkswagen Group cars lack features.
  • Top-end variant of the diesel Verna is cheaper than the top-end variant of the diesel City but by a marginal amount.
  • Verna diesel is not only more powerful than the City but also more powerful than the Vento and Rapid.
  • City diesel is the least refined here, offering lots of audible noise inside the cabin, just like the Amaze.
  • Hyundai blows away everyone with diesel automatic version of the Verna while no other automaker offers a diesel auto.
  • Volkswagen and Skoda need to add more top-end variants with improved equipment to rival top-end variants of the City and Verna.
  • Honda is in a strong position to give sleepless nights to its rivals in the C-segment.
  • Hyundai will be difficult to beat as it offers a wide range of engine and transmission options on the Verna.