Honda Electric Motorcycle
Honda recently showcased this self-balancing premium electric motorcycle overseas

The upcoming Honda electric motorcycle will be sold only through the BigWing outlets

In a first for any mainstream manufacturer in the country, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has announced its entry into the performance electric motorcycle segment that will be reserved for its BigWing showrooms.

Although no launch timeline was revealed by the brand, this motorcycle will be part of a host of electric scooter launches planned in the coming years.

Honda also said higher segments are flexible to work on owing to no constraints in costs and the target customers are not price-sensitive either hinting that the upcoming motorcycle won’t be cheap.

Dismissing plans of launching electric commuter motorcycles, the brand said the demand for commuter electric motorcycles is less although the scenario is exactly opposite in the IC space with commuters taking up 60 percent market share.

According to Honda, its EV launches will leverage the support of its other subsidiaries especially the recently setup Honda Power Pack Energy India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, which will provide battery-sharing service and technical support for EVs from next month.

The company has also started mass production of its 1.35 kW Power Pack e: (MPP e:) batteries in India and might feature in Honda’s future lineup.

Honda CD 110 Dream
Honda’s entry-level bikes might be the first to transition to flex-fuel technology

Honda aims an aggressive 10 lakh units EV sales by 2030 in India that accounts for 30 percent of its total sales currently. All of its electric two wheelers will be produced at its Manesar plant and sold alongside its other IC two wheelers.

Meanwhile, the brand will also introduce a new 100 cc motorcycle in the commuter segment stating that its focus will be on developing fuel efficient products in the near future. On the said lines, the company is also slated to slowly transition its entire lineup from conventional petrol to flex-fuel technology enabled models. The implementation will be in a phased manner.

According to the brand, such as transition will be seamless as it already sells flex-fuel two-wheelers overseas.