Honda Supercharged ADV Engine Patent
The twin-screw supercharger feeds air to the engine inlet through a curved loop

Honda has filed a patent for a supercharged ADV motorcycle that might be under under development and could potentially become a future Africa Twin model.

Design of the bike is unmistakably that of an adventure model as the rear section of the diagram shows. But what we are more interested about is the engine.

Located above the gearbox is the supercharger that gets fed with air collected by the intake located on the left side and close to the handlebar, through a down-tube.

The air that reaches the supercharger is then pressurised and fed to the engine through a curved loop that rises upwards over the cylinder head before dropping down to connect with the inlet.

Interestingly, the supercharger Honda has selected to work with the engine is of a twin-screw type. Basically, two interwoven screws work together to suck air from the fill side and force it out through the discharge side. These units are known to be efficient.

Now, a supercharged motorcycle is not new to the bike industry. But, Honda supercharged ADV patent might not be designed to eke out more performance from an engine.

Rather, it could be that Honda has realised meeting future emissions regulations would be impossible with the current crop of engines and that it needs a tech like this to keep producing motorcycles without trouble.

If this engine is put into production and is found to be really solid and reliable, then we could see future Honda motorcycles, a varied range of them, get a variation of this motor. Exciting times are ahead!

Honda Supercharged ADV Patent

  • Honda has filed a patent for a new supercharged ADV
  • The supercharger used on the bike is of the twin-screw type
  • Could it be that a future Africa Twin would be supercharged?
Honda Supercharged ADV Patent
The design is that of an adventure bike, that is for sure

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