Honda Gear Concept

Honda has unveiled an all new GEAR Concept car at the 2013 Montreal Auto Show in Canada. As this Canadian Auto Show is held very close to the Detroit Auto Show, nothing much different was expected from any car maker, but Honda showcased this new sub-compact study model. This concept car is a small compact hatchback and Honda claims it to be aimed at the young and urban population. The Japanese car maker did not give many details about the vehicle at the show.

Honda said that this concept was inspired by fixed-gear bicycles. This GEAR concept is very simple and utilitarian, but at the same time very customizable, connected and has a personality. Most small cars are too basic, boring and uninteresting for the young generation that usually buys them. At the same time interesting, fun to drive and desirable cars are too expensive for the young generation to buy. They have aimed to create a car that is the perfect combination of the two.

Honda said that the GEAR concept will be very basic and affordable to buy, but at the same time provide all the necessities that the new generation wants from their small car. This car will be practical and cater to all usual needs of the buyer but at the same time will be fun to drive and own. It will be easily customizable, have modern connectivity and will be full of personality. Honda has not given any details on the engine or whether this car will be put into production.

Honda Gear Small Car

2013 Honda Gear Concept Car