Honda Goldwing Rear-Facing Radar
Only the Tour version with the rear top box might get the system

Honda has filed patents for rear-facing radar tech that it plans to use on its Goldwing cruiser motorcycle.

This development comes soon after the Japanese firm filed patents for front-facing radar system that will be used on its famous tourer.

When the front-facing patent applications from Honda were uncovered, it was thought that the Tokyo-headquartered company was taking the same route as BMW and working on radar-guided adaptive cruise control alone.

However, with the new revelation, it is clear Honda wants to cover all bases, just like Ducati did, offering both front and rear radars on its Multistrada V4.

The addition of rear-facing radar tech will provide blind spot monitoring, making it much more safer for bikers to ride on roads that are getting increasingly chaotic the world over.

Known for being a technological tour de force, it is apt that the Honda rear-facing radar tech and the front-facing system, will be offered on the Goldwing.

However, it looks like the full-fat Tour version will only get the rear-facing radar tech, for the system is hid in the rear top box. Variants without the top box might only be equipped with the forward-facing radar system.

But, unlike the BMW or Ducati, Honda has hid both the systems behind bodywork. Although radar can “see” through plastic, vibrations and angled bodywork do interfere with its functions.

But, it is Honda we are taking about and the firm’s engineers will find a way to make it work seamlessly.

It is not known if Honda has developed its own radar systems or uses Bosch units like BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki and KTM, but, more details about the tech will be revealed soon, likely on the 2021 model year Goldwing.

Honda Rear-Facing Radar

  • Honda rear-facing radar tech to be introduced on Goldwing
  • The bikemaker has hid the rear radar system inside the top box
  • Will offer blind spot monitoring by way of the new tech
Honda Rear-Facing Radar System
It has been well hidden inside the top box
Honda Rear-Facing Radar Tech Goldwing Top Box
Should be introduced pretty soon on the Goldwing

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