Honda Goldwing Radar Tech Detailed
This is how the radar will sit on the nose of the Goldwing

Honda looks to be getting into the radar game, as they have patented a radar-guided Cruise Control system.

After Ducati and BMW introducing their radar technologies, the Japanese giant has decided to join the bandwagon.

The patent was filed around March 2018, so the work on this particular system is likely in the latter stages of the process. It’s likely that Honda has already started testing via prototypes with a probable launch soon in 2021.

The system looks fairly integrated into the bike, with the actual radar being fitted in the headlamp assembly itself. The placement reminds us of the new Ducati Multistrada V4 and seems to be the trend. It also serves as a perfect hiding spot for test mules as well!

Bosch being the market leader in this tech, we expect this system to be from Bosch as well, like BMW’s and Ducati’s. Bosch already makes a radar-guided cruise control system for Honda 4-wheelers, making life a little easier for the Japanese firm.

Lastly, this would make the upcoming Goldwing an amazing package as it already packs a lot of exclusive and premium features.

Honda Radar Technology Patent

  • Honda has patented a radar-guided cruise control system
  • The motorcycle in the patent seems to be a Goldwing
  • The system will probably be in collaboration with Bosch
Honda Goldwing Radar Tech
This seems to be the ideal position from frontal radar placement by most manufacturers

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